What happens after you apply

What happens after you apply

Follow the application process from start to finish.

The application process

When you apply for a job online you’ll receive notification emails at key points throughout the process.

  • Application submitted

Once your application is submitted, we’ll send an email confirming we’ve received it and will start processing it.

  • Applications assessed

After the job application period ends, all applications are assessed equally by a selection panel — usually made up of human resource staff and management.

  • Candidates shortlisted

The most suitable candidates are shortlisted and contacted for interviews. A shortlist can include up to eight people.

  • Interviews conducted

The shortlisted candidates are interviewed. A panel of around three staff will ask questions based on the key selection criteria. They’ll take notes throughout the interview. See interview tips.

  • Preferred candidate

After the interview, the panel compares notes and identifies the preferred candidate.

  • Reference checks made

Human resources staff will then contact referees to confirm that the candidate information is accurate and truthful.

  • Job offered

After a successful reference check, the preferred candidate is then offered the job. If the offer is declined, the next most suitable person will receive the offer. 

  • Offer accepted

When you receive a job offer, you usually have 24 hours to accept it in writing. After acceptance, you'll receive on-boarding paperwork to complete before starting the new job. And once in the workplace, you’ll get teamed up with a buddy, get an orientation, attend an induction, and receive a Code of Conduct booklet that contains the values that shape the public sector.