Vegetation Management Officer, Country Fire Authority (CFA)

Length of service: 9 years

My journey so far

Initially I started my career as a Medical Scientist. I was also volunteering with the CFA as a firefighter. But after many years of that, I decided on a career change and worked in the private sector as a Technical Officer with the Fire Protection Association of Australia.

And when my current job was advertised, I saw a great opportunity to make a big difference and achieve great things.

My day-to-day work

I spend a large part of the day planning burns. This involves collecting data from the bush including fuel moisture readings, fuel hazard and fuel load readings, and grass curing data.

I also map out burns, and plan control lines and contingency plans. Once I've collected all the data, I use a computer to analyse it and plan the actual burn.

Throughout the day, I could also be liaising with volunteer, career staff and other agencies so that the burn can go ahead.

How my work contributes to the Victorian community

My work helps to make Victoria a safer place. And in many cases it has ecological benefits such as helping the survival of rare plants.

Advantages of working in the public sector

The advantage of working in the public sector is having the ability, the opportunity and the resources to achieve great outcomes. So many of us are working across different agencies all trying to achieve a safer Victoria for everyone.

Experiencing diversity and inclusiveness

Where possible, we try to incorporate Indigenous burning practices into our plans, and involve Indigenous communities in the planned burnings.

Proud of my work

I'm especially proud of the results you can see 12 months after a burn. We end up with a greatly reduced fuel load and quite often an increase in some rare plants.

Join me in the Victorian public sector

It’s a great career with a huge number of avenues to proceed down. You'll find endless opportunities.