Cadet, Victorian Public Sector Commission

Length of service: 1.5 years


My journey so far

When I found out I was accepted as a Youth Employment Scheme (YES) trainee at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, I was very excited. 

After completing the 12-month traineeship, I then became a cadet as part of the Youth Cadetship Scheme. My journey so far has included hard work, focus and a lot of persistence. I’m currently working at the Victorian Public Sector Commission. And despite the short time there, I’ve already experienced and learned so much.

My day-to-day work

No day is ever the same. Presently, I’m working in the team responsible for the Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme — GRADS. I assist with events, help develop processes, and get invited to high level meetings for professional development. I’m a bit of a techie too, so enjoy helping colleagues out with tips.

How my work contributes to the Victorian community 

I feel fortunate that the organisation I work for is involved in creating a diverse and inclusive culture across the public sector. It's important that people who work in government reflect our community. It makes sure that all voices are heard and valued.

High level of opportunity

The big difference between working in the public and private sector is the high level of opportunity, transferability and development you get in the public sector.

The focus of the work is different too. As someone who started in the telecommunications industry in the private sector, I’ve seen how different an organisation is when it's being driven my revenue rather than community needs. I know where I prefer to be.

Experiencing diversity and inclusion 

I’ve been involved in many activities surrounding LGBTI+ inclusion within the Victorian public sector. I’ve helped at stalls that promote diversity in the workplace and I've contributed to initiatives to further strengthen our workforce diversity. 

To be able to come to a workplace where I feel happy and comfortable with who I am, and can express myself freely makes my work so much more enjoyable, and meaningful.

I’m very proud of the work that I do. I experience amazing support from managers and colleagues, and have consistently been welcomed and valued as a person.

Join me in the Victorian Public Sector

It's true the public sector offers meaningful and rewarding work. For young people, traineeships and cadetships are a great way to start a career in the public sector. It's a fun place to be in. And there are so many different areas you can work in. 

I've experienced so many opportunities for personal growth. Connecting with like-minded people has been a huge benefit. I’ve made friends for life!