Executive and senior roles

Executive and senior roles

Ongoing professional development ensures our leaders are equipped with the skills and capabilities to lead Victoria.

Executive roles

Our executive roles are for high-performing individuals who enjoy complex and challenging environments. The Victorian public sector operates in a unique environment and requires diverse skills and capabilities. 

When you join us, your leadership skills will be further developed through personal coaching and continuous learning. All executives can enrol in the Victorian Leadership Academy, an initiative of the Victorian Public Sector Commission. 

As an executive, you’ll also be rewarded by generous salary and benefits, and the privilege of serving the community of Victoria — by helping to deliver quality services and outcomes.

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Other senior roles

Senior roles include team leaders, line managers and project managers among many others.

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Ash, Senior Solicitor

"The work that I’m involved in, particularly the legislation, affects most people in Victoria."
Ash, Senior Solicitor